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Infababy 3-Year Warranty

Infababy® products are manufactured to the highest standards and whilst we do our very best to ensure each and every one of our products lives up to these standards, it is unfortunate that is some rare cases during the lifetime of your product you may experience a manufacturing defect.
We have introduced a new 3-year warranty and aftercare plan to cover these unexpected hiccups and to ensure your product is back in tip top shape in no time with as little fuss to you as possible. We can even supply loan products whilst yours is in for repair, no other brand in the industry offers this level of care.

*Cover of up to 3 years is on selected items. Our warranty focuses on the products that you use, need and rely on the most.

This warranty is offered in addition to, and does not affect, your statutory rights.

What’s covered and for how long?
Any manufacturing defects with the following items within the specified term
•    Travel Systems Main Stroller Frame, Wheel Axle and Seat Unit – 3 Years (Note: Punctures or wearing down of tyres are not covered under warranty)
•    Next Stage (Group 1 and above) Car Seats – 3 Years
•    Group 0+ Infant Carriers & Carrycots supplied with Travel Systems – 1 Year
•    Standard Strollers, Double Strollers, Nursery Furniture – 1 Year
•    Rain covers, Changing Bags, Footmuffs, Parasols, Seat Liners and similar loose accessories – No warranty, only replaced if damaged on receipt

What’s not covered under our warranty?
•    Normal degradation of components or fabrics through use
•    Damage to handlebar coverings and bumper bar coverings as a result of normal use
•    Tyre punctures, wearing down of tyres through normal use
•    Normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and damage caused by improper use, negligence, or by not following the maintenance instructions
•    Damage, surface corrosion or rust from environmental conditions such as acid rain, salt, road hazards, hail, wind, storms and lightning.
•    Cosmetic conditions or surface damage including scratches, chips, stains etc
•    Damage from misuse of the pushchair such as running, mounting/dismounting kerbs incorrectly, overloading etc. You’ll find proper usage described in the instruction manual.
•    If repairs have been carried out by third parties or a person who is not authorised or approved by us
•    If your chassis becomes faulty after or during use with any accessory that has not been approved by Infababy®
•    Airline or transport damage. When travelling, immediately check your Infababy® product(s) after they have been handled by a transporter (i.e. baggage handlers) and report any damage directly to them

How to make a Warranty Claim

If you experience a problem with your product, simply email us at and we will get the resolution process in motion. To help speed things up, when you email us please include your order number, a picture of the issue and your serial number. 95% of the time warranty claims are resolved with us sending you the part you need (free of charge) and we dont request the original part to be sent back to us. In some cases we may need to collect the part (if its the chassis for example) and carry out a repair in our service centre. If this is the case we will arrange the collection and re-delivery through our couriers and there will be no costs to you. We can also provide a loan product or part thereof whilst yours is in for repair.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

This product warranty is our quality promise to you. We guarantee that this product is free from defects in workmanship and manufacturing materials at the time of purchase. During the production process your product was subjected to various quality checks however if despite our best efforts your product shows signs of material or manufacturing fault within the warranty period we will comply with the warranty terms & conditions.
After purchasing your product(s), please keep the original order number safe. It will have been emailed to you at the time of order. We can only offer warranty services under this warranty to customers who can present the original proof of purchase from our Infababy® website. Warranty is only applicable from date of purchase.
If your product suffers a fault during the warranty period we will always endeavour to repair or replace like for like. However, we reserve the right to discontinue a model, colour fabric or accessory. If this occurs then we will replace your faulty item with one from our range which is of the nearest colour and value.
Where products or parts are replaced or repaired during the warranty period, this does not extend the warranty period.
The warranty will also apply if your Infababy® was received as a gift. The warranty can be used by the owner of the product at any given time within the warranty period as long as the original proof of purchase can be provided.
Limited liability - Under this warranty, Infababy are only liable for the repair or replacement of original parts that are defective in material or workmanship. Infababy are not liable for any costs or time that you may incur in organising the repair or replacement of any faulty items under this warranty.
This warranty is applicable to all orders placed on our website from March 1st 2020.

Accidental Damage
If you do happen to accidentally damage your product, do not worry. We offer low cost spare parts on almost all products. Contact us for further information.

Faulty Items
As a customer it is recommended that you fully inspect your product as soon as it has been received to ensure no parts are missing, damaged or faulty. Missing items must be reported to Infababy® within 14 days of the item being received. Failure to outline missing items to Infababy® will result in a forfeiture in obligations to replace missing parts from Infababy®.
If you deem the item you received as being faulty and it is within the 6 months manufacturer's warranty then you can send the item back to Infababy® for inspection by our returns department. Please note you must email our returns department requesting a returns code. This returns code must be labelled on items being issued back to Infababy®. Warranty varies between manufacturers so it is advised to contact Infababy® regarding warranty before returning any products. After a product is received to our returns department and it is deemed to be faulty we will do one of the following; issue a replacement piece for the part that is damaged, or replace the entire product, or offer a similar product, or if any of the above is not possible then we will issue a refund of the product. Faulty pieces or parts that make up the entirety of an item will be replaced once received back to Infababy®. A faulty piece of a larger item shall not warrant return of the entire item and Infababy® will replace or repair the part required once it has been returned to Infababy®. Costs for sending items back to Infababy® are borne by the customer. If you receive a wrong item then Infababy® must be notified within 14 days of receiving your order. We will then issue a pickup for your item. When the item is received back to our returns department and is proved to be a wrong item then Infababy® will replace the item with the correct one. If it is not a wrong item then the customer must pay the collection charge which was arranged by Infababy® and also arrange to collect the
item as we will not re-ship an item if deemed to have been the correct item issued that was originally ordered. We value your custom and we endeavour to resolve all queries as quickly as possible. Your statutory rights are not affected.